Tuesday, April 8

It's Not Looking Good

I think Jake is on the last leg of his journey. He's been a tough one. We've clocked him running alongside the car at 22.5 mph. He's been my escort since I arrived at the kingdom, almost 7 years ago.

Last Christmas, he got worn down a bit. But it was nothing that 4 weeks of inconvenience didn't cure.

Yesterday, his back legs gave out.
JB apologized for interrupting my intense study period, while expressing his concern for the top dog. I needed the break--and we trudged up the 45 degree incline where Jake had decided was far enough.

We rolled him over on to a quilt and then decided it wiser for JB to drive the pickup up to fetch him, as opposed to caring his 80-pound mass down the hill and back up the other side.

It sucks. I hate to see the king of the neighborhood realizing his human frailties.

We deposited him into his bed--with a new quilt. He's moved slightly since then.

The one thing I can count on is the tail wagging in acknowledgement whenever I speak to him.

He crawled out of his bed today on to the concrete just a few feet away. JB and I--just now-- several hours later, picked him up and put him back in.

I had a Shepherd, that after 13 years, went through something similar. After three days, we put her down. Three weeks later, Elijah Blue joined the scene. The girls never bonded with Blue. I can't help but think it was was the memory of our shepherd, Sasha, that kept them from it.


cce said...

This is a heart breaker. It's so hard to see them hurt. Wishing you strength while handling this one.

Imperatrix said...

I'm sorry.

This is always a tough decision to make. Give Jake -- and JB -- big hugs during this time!

Nessa said...

I'm so sorry for you and your friend.

TEOM said...

What a FACE that dog has. So sorry. So, so sorry.