Thursday, April 10

The BumbleBee Dance

There's the unmistakeable buzzing in the air of Bumblebees.

I stepped outside to admire the Bridal Wreath, and wound up sitting
on the east stoop for a while.
Mother Nature has a calming, nurturing way about her.

The bees flew around chasing each other--darting and dodging-
and making all kinds of racket with their zooming.
In the quiet of the yard, the bees are as noisy as a freeway during rush hour.

I'd imagine they're pretty excited to see that everything has started to bloom.

I went out and picked about 12 pounds of Georgia Collards this morning.
I have lots and lots of greens.

And Mr. Jake is still with us...
What we had thought was old age has turned out to be tick paralysis. The vet said that Jake had just been bitten by the wrong tick. He's been poked, prodded, examined and tested... and medicated.
We're giving him water with a bulb syringe and babying him. We're hoping he snaps out of it within the next 24-48 hours.


Christine said...

i hope jake is feeling better soon.

and you already hav collards? so jealous. . .we can't even plant until later May.

Anne said...

He's a beautiful dog. Hope he gets well.

I used to live in Southern Ohio...and Maryland. I miss the springtimes. They were so pronounced and there were so many "season's" ...different things coming out..fall lasted till december. (sigh) oh well our temps are 65 and windy and we still have a few dirty snow piles. Its so interesting all the things that washup from the snow. Like a pair of bluejeans