Sunday, September 7

Better Than An Alarm Clock

When Miss Lina decides it's time to get up, she crawls under the covers and drapes herself across me. If all that movement doesn't wake me, she nuzzles me continually.

So much for sleeping in....


Kathy said...

Miss Lina is BEAUTIFUL! She has such a sweet face and I would have no problems waking up to her in the morning.

Our wake-up routine involves very little movement, but a lot of noise! One of our cats, Lucky, starts talking at around 4:30AM and won't shut up until I get him his breakfast. He knows getting me out of bed requires only asking me -- over and over and over again.

LisaBinDaCity said...

Awww so cute!

Ally da Pup stands by the side of the bed and stares at me. And if that doesn't work, she sighs. Loudly ;-)