Sunday, September 21

One Single Moment Can Change Your Life

This Bell Hornet seems to have fully realized his dilemma. Lured by the sugar water concoction he is now trapped in the bee catcher.

It looks as if he was too consumed by thoughts of pleasure to consider possible repercussions for his actions. It's amazing no matter how small the creatures, the thought processes and actions mimic human behavior!

Some were quick-witted and managed an escape.

Afterwards they seemed worn out from the adventure--
and slightly intoxicated by the sugary water.

Survivors now had common ground.

The hornets reminded me of a cat washing after dinner
as they began cleaning their face and legs
in an effort to put the whole ordeal behind them.


Anonymous said...

What a great capture of the wasp and the ant!

Hope no one near you is having any of these life-changing moments!

LisaBinDaCity said...

I liked your visual and story! Well done.

Christine said...

i find hornets super creepy! love the glass bee catcher, tough.

Linda and her Twaddle said...

The bee catcher is indeed beautiful. Rather pretty way to go isn't it?