Thursday, September 11

Sleep Is The New Sex

I long for long, deep uninterrupted sleep.

I've taken to putting a few drops of this marvelous herbal cure called Rescue Remedy on my tongue every night before I retire. It calms all the thoughts banging around in my head and helps me fall asleep more quickly.

Life is just too full of interruptions.

The days are too long and the nights too short.

I'm trudging through work all day and then class. The way I figure it, I have two hours at home--awake--in the morning followed by two hours --awake, in the evening.

And of course, weekends are for catching up on homework, doing laundry and grocery shopping. Am I crazy or is everyone's life this busy?

I'm three weeks into this schedule, so there's only nine more to go.

I had a goal to finish one degree by year's end, but now realize I will spill over into spring.

Since my parents are in their 70s and still kicking, I know that I still have time to accomplish all the things I would like to accomplish.

But in the meantime--I must keep moving...

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LisaBinDaCity said...

Do I have to choose between sleep and sex? ;-)