Friday, September 12


I'ma staunch Democrat. If you have a problem with that--quit reading now. I don't need the grief, nor do you.

I read Bill Clinton's book. He's a bit wordy, I'll agree--but what he has to say is worthwhile.
His step-father was an alcoholic that created all sorts of challenges throughout his life. But when his stepfather's life ended, Bil's true compassionate nature shone thorough when he said he realized how much pain his step father must have suffered throughout his life.

I understand anyone who has or has had a family member who is an alcoholic might disagree. Give it time and you may see things differently. Life is not so cut and dry.

I had an uncle that I took to at an early age. Being the liberal minded individual that I am, I sought him out initially because he was an outcast from the rest of the family. I remember him giving me all the change in his pocket--sometimes in excess of 5 dollars! I remember him getting perturbed because I called his hand at cheating at cards. I remember him trying to be so mean in an attempt to run me off.

What comes to mind is that movie about the Walmart baby--what is the name of it? Where the heart is? It has Natalie Portman in the starring role.

There's one point in the movie where Stockard Channing is being questioned by the police about the missing baby, and she explains that alcoholics are not going to hurt anyone--they are just content to hurt themselves.

So true--or has been my experience. Sad, but true.

Addiction in any form is so vicious. It dissolves families and attempts to suck the very life out any relationship.

I am reminded of what Momo has always told me--Don't let the sonofabitches win...

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Poetikat said...

Mizmell, You have a way of just cutting to the chase that resonates with me.