Thursday, September 24

I Was, Therefore, I Am

I played hookey today.

My afternoon class was canceled and I had a one-day job opportunity utilizing my IT skills that payed quite handsomely so I jumped on it. What the hell...

But this evening was truly delightful. I stopped by Momo and Pop's to check on their shared bronchitis--and met up with my Uncle Danny (Momo's youngest brother!). He's quite eccentric and always a treat.

He followed me home and we all dined on a dinner of Shrimp Scampi--then I pulled out slides (yes! slides!) of my youth. He and I and the city-girl daughter watched them--complete with the groanings from a 30-year-old projector.

After turning our heads left, then right to view the ones that were placed inappropriately--the city-girl daughter is convinced that I was, in fact, young at some point.

Judging from this pic of JB and I back in the day, it looks like not much has changed besides our hairstyles...

She got such a kick out of seeing her grandparents in their thirties and forties, too.

She thought the furniture of the seventies was pretty "pimp." The cars back then were "crazy" and built like tanks. (Yes, they were. What happened to those good solid cars?)

This photograph was taken in 1977--could that really have been 32 years ago???


Linda and her Twaddle said...

Great slides. I still take slides when going on holiday. They are timeless.

Oh, it is surreal seeing yourself age I think. I found photos of me when 18 the other day. Wondered who the girl was in the photo.

Nessa said...

I love looking at old pictures. It is so weird to time travel.

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Love the pic from 1977! Looks like something out of my old photo album. How can it be that it was really 32 years ago???

dadwhowrites said...

I don't think I have any pictures of me at that age - all lost inthe ( metaphorical) flood. I do have the records though - dudelet couldn't believe I was playing him something I bought 30 years ago.

Slides! I haven't seen a slide for a long time!