Saturday, September 19

The Sound Of Silence

I feel so bad.

I have blogging buddies that have just dropped out of sight. I wonder what might have happened that they no longer have time for me. I'm curious. I hope they are doing well--but still I want to know what is going on. I won't mention names--you know who you are (cce, where are you??).

With that thought in mind, I'm bringing you all up to speed with my life.

I've just finished three weeks now at my new university. I'm absolutely loving it. I think it is a match made in heaven. I'm in love.

This school is the absolute most wonderful thing in the world. Never mind that I am just one of 30 non-tradtional students there. Oh, but we're not called non-tradtional, we're prime timers. Every time I hear primer timers, my mind thinks not ready for primer time players.

The great news is that I love my classes. I'm a sociology major with a minor in gender studies, so what's not to like? The class discussions are awesome! (Although I think I may be scaring some of the young folks in my Men 1945-present class...)

The campus is old, very old. All the sidewalks are brick and the majority of the buildings do not have elevators, but rather many flights of stairs.

I have lost weight! My clothes are buttoning quite easily these days.

My commute is 50 minutes every day in my poor ole clunker of a car--that I purchased NEW in 1999. The Saturn is hanging tough, though--and for that I am ever grateful.

Life is truly very good. And if I feel that way, then I am either insane or really happy--you be the judge.


Linda and her Twaddle said...

Sometimes people just get caught up in life and time passes and things get neglected.

I envy you your studies. It must be great to be constantly learning in such an environment (perhaps the homework aspect not so exciting).

There is another blogger who has a Saturn that is still going strong after years and years. Must be a good car.

Glad you are happy. That is a rather ellusive thing sometimes.

Jen on the Edge said...

I am happy that your studies are going well! Are you coming up Rt. 29 to my town?

dadwhowrites said...

Sociology and gender studies sounds very cool! Is a car from 1999 really old?

We're in the midst of...stuff! Though at least we're a bit more united about it. Wonder if they sell grandparents on EBay?

MizMell said...

Jen: No, I'm not in your town for school. I am attending school at Randolph College.

Dad Who writes: A car from 1999 is not that old, but do remember--it not the car in years, its the years in the car. It's a good one, though.
(Are you hoping to buy grandparents or sell them?)