Sunday, September 27

My Immortal Grandmother

When I let Blue out early this morning, this is what I saw on the east stoop:

It's a succulent that came from a plant that was once Granny's (Pop's mother).
She passed away one year before the city-girl daughter was born.

My oldest sister had given me a piece of the plant a couple of years ago. While her plant has bloomed, mine had never produced anything other that twists and turns of thick rubbery leaves. Imagine my delight!

In fact, I'm so silly that I was thrilled when I got this rather odd tubular extension on the plant on the kitchen porch.

What a wonderful surprise to realize there is more to come.


Nessa said...

That is such a lovely flower and a wonderful surprise.

Ashleigh Burroughs said...

These little miracles are my favorite parts of gardening

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ashleigh Burroughs, for directing me here from your blog. I love gaining insight into the patience and rewards that gardening can provide. Kudos on your surprise :)