Friday, March 30


Ben Franklin was on to something when he said, "Neither a borrower, nor a lender be."

I know I'm reaching the point in my life where middle age creeps into old age. My opinions are a bit more steadfast, but I am trying to remain objective and open-minded... but what happened to good old-fashioned common courtesy and accountability???

This lack is running rampant! I'm almost to the point where I will never loan anything again. Loan means I get it back. The borrower must return it--in the same condition--as when it was loaned. The main idea though, is that the item is returned.

Since I have moved back to Virginia, I have found that I must go pick up items that have been borrowed. Sometimes, there is even a question in the borrower's mind as to whether it was a gift or a loan! As I write this, I know what must be done.

I am developing a "do not loan to" list. No need in making the honest folks suffer.


(un)relaxeddad said...

The worst test of one's good nature is lending books, especially if you're me and tend to be obsessive about not cracking the spines. (Or is that more of a test of the goodnature of the unlucky borrower who dares return a book with a crease...?)w

slouching mom said...

Accountability is missing at all levels, and it's a damn shame. If you get me in my more cynical moments, I will tell you that I believe today's teenagers and 20-somethings lack accountability to an astonishing degree. I know! Aren't I cranky!