Saturday, March 17

Forever Young

Recent research has determined that dogs have the mentality of an average 2-year-old, according to a report released on the Today show yesterday. I can see that.

In fact, this information has given me an entire new appreciation of my dog, Blue.

His understanding of the English language is limited to a few words that create instantaneous physical reactions... and he does seem to think "it's all about him" and what he wants, when he wants it. Sounds like a small child to me!

Sad thing is, he'll never progress beyond that point. Do you thing that's one of the reasons people have dogs? I mean, our children grow up and move on--but the dog, he might grow bigger, but he never moves out. Perhaps this is our way on holding on to that childhood innocence and adoration we got hooked on when our kids were preschoolers.

I know, I know. I have a tendency to over-analyze.


anna said...

Over-analyze? Not a chance.You are speaking my language!

Yes, our most beloved and adored Mutt absolutely has taken the "baby" spot in the family. My Youngest son is 13, the Oldest in his first year of college. None of the boys adore me the way they used to - with that fierce and unquestioning devotion. But Mutt, she thinks I am the sun, the moon and the stars - especially when I am holding her food bowl.

Being on the receiving end of all that love is definitely an addiction. Obviously Mutt doesn't fill the void, but sometimes she comes close and she has the added benefit of never having temper tantrums...

(un)relaxeddad said...

So are cats moody teenagers who won't speak to you, use the place as a hotel and worse? Hope so - at least we'll be well-prepared for the impact when our own dudelet reaches that point (though since he's 3, we've got a way to go...).