Friday, June 1

Happily Ever After

I love this picture. It's my absolute favorite and has graced the desk of every place I have ever worked. The look of complete happiness on my daughters' little faces is what I want for them both every single day of their lives... forever and ever.


Imperatrix said...

Cute! you should get them to reenact that pose for you now.

My favorite photo is a great shot of the girls & the Consort smiling at the camera on their bellies like your girls, from when Trixie was 10 mos and Impera was 2.5. I keep meaning to do the reenactment shot for that one. thanks for sharing your photo. Now I *really* want to get that "11 years later" photo done!

KathyR said...

Oh, cute idea, Imperatrix!

And very cute photo, MizMell. Such sweet little faces. It's a shame they have to get all grown up and independent and stuff.

slouching mom said...

Oh, they're scrumptious! I too like Imperatrix's idea.

goldennib said...

We should all be so happy, always.