Tuesday, June 26

I'm Sewing Again

My granny sewed. Momo sewed. I sewed for my two young ladies most of their childhood... everything from frocks (my friend's favorite word) to bikinis. It sustains me.
So it's entirely appropriate that when my Sony Trinitron bit the dust early Monday morning, I ventured into the sewing/exercise room.
I found a large piece of leopard print interlock which I have fashioned into a wonderfully well-fitting frock. I have this marvelous bust form that one of JB's friend scavenged from an estate sale that allows me to "dial" my measurements for a perfect fit. I'm halfway there.
After two trips 30 miles up the road, I have found a new-fangled LCD that I think I can live with and can afford. But, all the while, I am drawn to finishing my frock.
It's good to create.

Side note: The playdough figure which is perched on top of my Singer was fashioned by one of my little girls more than a hundred years ago. It inspires me to create great things.


Jennifer said...

What great PlayDoh art!

Do we get to see a photo of the finished leopard-print creation?

slouching mom said...

Wow! Good for you!

KathyF said...

My mother-in-law, who sews very well, tells me that sewing skips a generation, since children whose parent sews have no need to themselves.

I can't sew, even though she's tried to teach me several times. But my girls both sew, ever since she stayed with them a week and brought her sewing machine.

Christine said...

I've always wished i could sew. A friend helped me make a little quilt when i was pregnant, but it is kind of sad.

I love the play do girl.

Ms. Annie D said...

If you can sew a functional, cute bikini that young girls would wear proudly, then you really can sew!

Not something I'm capable of doing, even though my mother is a talented seamstress.

But that playdough figure, well, I could probably make that ;-)

Years ago, someone told me that cockroaches could survive any environmental disaster and would outlast humankind.

But now I wonder if playdough would last longer...

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Wish I'd a known you then: I gave away two sergers for zip.

I do not believe it was 100 years ago they made that Playdo figure. Maybe 88?

Rhea said...

I was wondering about the little guy on top...