Wednesday, June 20

It's Texas Time

My scenery is about to change...

I can't hold the phone comfortably for extended periods of time without a wrist or shoulder "locking up."

I think the rubber band that runs between my shoulders and holds my arms might be dry rotted or something.

When I was a little girl, Pop repaired a doll for me that had this very same problem. I had gotten her from the Fair and was very upset when her rubber band slipped out of place and her arms ceased to function. Pop fixed her. Once repaired, her arms lay rigid by her sides and never moved again. But she had arms, so I was happy. And Pop had fixed her.

I also had A Chatty Cathy that one of my two older sisters broke. When her pull cord lay dangling down her back and she wouldn't talk anymore, Pop fixed her too. She spoke some foreign language, but she talked.

I guess things don't always turn out the way we anticipate, but the goal is a resolution rather than perfection.

JB tells me I over analyze and overreact. I bet I do. But, I realize the importance of being a parent and take it very seriously. My heart hurts when they're sad or having a tough time of it. But then, what parent doesn't ultimately just want happiness for their offspring?

I was taught that the things we appreciate the most are the ones we've worked the hardest for--a little depression era wisdom from Momo and Pop--and have experienced it. I've also been told that I'm being prepared for what's next when time were particularly trying... very much a kin to the old saying "That which does not kill us will make us strong."

I try to pass the same type of wisdom to my girls and they ask, "What does that mean? Why are you always so vague? Why don't you just say what you mean?"

I wish I had all the answers. And you can bet, if I did, I would readily share them.


Imperatrix said...

Just being there can be the best support possible. When I was in college I went through a depression. My mother heard it in my voice over the phone, and she came down to visit for an extended weekend. It pulled me back from the brink.

Good luck!

slouching mom said...

Hope this isn't too much of a rough patch. And I'd agree with the sentiment in "That which doesn't kill us makes us stronger."

KathyR said...

Oh, dear. Good luck.

My son doesn't much appreciate my version of my parents' bootstraps philosophy, either.

Christine said...

Hope that rubber band holds firm for you.

"But then, what parent doesn't ultimately just want happiness for their offspring?" That is want we all want for them, isn't it?

LisaBinDaCity said...

OUCH! I'm so sorry to hear that.

All the best Hon, and when you get all the answers please send them along, k? ;-)

goldennib said...

My Chatty Cathy was stolen from my bedroom when I was six.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Just tell those kids, "Live like the Feeblers." And when they say "Who are the Feeblers?" you just say, "Oh, you know, the Feeblers," then walk away. It will keep them mystified until you can make the great escape.