Wednesday, June 6

We're All Doing Our Own Thing

Here's a befitting shot of Sir Thomas, aka Fat Cat. No disrespect intended, I assure you. I've just never had a cat this big.

He's hooked on catnip and spends much of his day sunning on the back deck as a result, I'm afraid.

The squirrels run rampant--which is very suprising considering we have 3 outside dogs and a rather large cat.

But remember, the cat is high on catnip and probably really doesn't care what's running where, as long as it leaves his catnip alone.

I have 4 squirels that feast at the bird feeders every morning.

They're very industrious...

I believe they are in cahoots with the deer.

Note to Hoss: The deer are not eating my Hostas, or green beans or any other plant because I am spraying Liquid Fence once a week. It really works and is worth the money!)


Imperatrix said...

Cats on catnip are the funniest thing to watch. When Loki gets into a bunch, he totally freaks out if hte garden hose moves. HIlarious!

goldennib said...

I love the animals. They are so much fun to watch.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I am talking to my deer. So far, so good.

LisaBinDaCity said...

Wow and I thought my dog had it good ;-)

Rhea said...

That IS a fat cat, but I've seen fatter.