Saturday, June 30

Must Keep Going

It sounds like a raceway here with the all the buzzing from June Bugs. They bounce off the house and anything else in their path.
I remember catching June Bugs when I was a kid and tying a string to one of their legs. I'd then hold on to the string and have a live kite. How mean! Wonder who thought of that idea initially??

Nowadays, I'd just like to photograph them--and they never slow down or stop.

Do you think generations of June Bugs have warned their young to NEVER stop, lest they have a string tied to their leg for children's entertainment?


Imperatrix said...

I've never experienced June bugs. Locusts, oh yes, but June bugs? Not in NJ (where I grew up).

If they do share information from generation to generation like that, then that means the end of mammals, I'm sure.

For insects, they are legion!

(un)relaxeddad said...

Just how big is a june bug?

MizMell said...

unrelaxeddad: June bugs look much larger than their actual size of about an inch through my zoom lens.

goldennib said...

Are they the same as lightening bugs/fireflies?

LisaB said...

I use the words June bugs/water bugs interchangeably but I hate them both. They're just so big and creepy ;-)