Thursday, February 14

Everything we have is taxed - even our patience.

Since last tax season, my accountant has divorced and remarried. I tried not to look suprised when she made mention of it. She flashed her matrimonial diamonds and complained of her braces, all the while, pointing out every endearing quality of the new man in her life.

The more she spoke of her new partner though, the more I was reminded of her old one. As I listened to her go on, I realized I had heard her say the very same things about her previous man. They seemed to be very much alike--just different packaging.

Chit chat out of the way, we started the dreaded deed of tax forms. I sorted through receipts and asked "hypothetical" questions while she tried not to appear too shocked.

She finally stated--rather flatly, "You need more income."

"I know that!" was all I could say. I am very well aware of this. How could I not know this?

Does she think I'm an idiot? JB and I have been discussing this for some time. Actually, we often discuss this at length.

""President Bush said today that it is our job to vote. That's what he called it, a job. And considering the way the economy is going, that may be the only job we have." —Jay Leno

But then again, we discuss all sorts of things.


anna said...

If I were you, I might consider getting a new accountant...

Anne said...

This is very funny! I sympathize with your financials. I haven't said this publicly but I am in the process of separating from my husband. Right now we are liquidating our assets. In contrast to your accountant I am in therapy to avoid the same pitfalls i took in the past ... i have a hard time with the idea of jumping in and remarrying after all that hassle of a bad relationship and divorce.