Sunday, February 17

Finding A Warm Spot In The Cold of Winter

I have dreams of sewing. The fabric from last post (below), is what I hope to use to recover the kitchen barstools.

I have different plans for this batik cotton:

I'm trying to stay ahead of the homework and home work so I can get in a little sewing. And speaking of home, would you look at the new home I noticed in the basement while I was folding laundry?

Looks to me as if some small creature has decided to make his home in my strawberry pot. The Devil's Spine growing in this heavy clay pot is a succulent, so it doesn't need much water. I think maybe a small field mouse has wiggled himself deep into the warmth of the dry soil.

Just like everytime I get up from the computer to tend to something while doing homework, Thomas wiggles himself into my desk chair and--finding it warm--makes himself comfortable.

This warmed my heart when I saw it while visiting Momo and Pop's home yesterday. Pop made it for Momo--and although it wasn't a Valentine's gift, it's just as sweet.

What's keeping you warm these days?


KathyR said...

AW! What a sweet little bird house! said...

love the birdhouse!

i agree with you. it's hard staying ahead of all the work anymore. wish there were certain aspects i could just resign from. like - housecleaning. cooking. laundry. taxi. ;)

sharryb said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love that you think we may be separated twins 'cause I'd take you for family any day. My cat even steals my office chair! I will send you a photo.

I loved the fabric. I've been trying to get more vegies into my diet. Maybe great bar stools would help.