Thursday, February 28

I Don't Need Drugs

I barely made it through class yesterday. I could feel the impending doom of sickness creeping over me.

I stopped at the grocery for 2 quarts of Dole Orange Pineapple juice and a package of celery hearts. My plan was to drink the juice, double dose on some herbal remedies and then get up and make some Comforting Chicken Noodle Soup later.

I wiggled into some comfy flannel pajamas and turned back the bed clothes. Members of my fan club apparently saw this as an invitation!

I moved the two of them over and slid between the sheets. The sun shone brightly through the window and warmed my aching bones.

I looked out at the passing clouds and tried to find images. I remember lying in the grass doing this with my sisters when I was a little girl.

Not enough out the window to hold my attention, so I turned to the unfinished wall. The wall that I had removed the 50 year old wallpaper held more prospects that the clouds outside.

Do you see the half man, half animal face that I do?

And how about this guy with sunglasses and something hanging out of his nose?
Do you think maybe he's caught the sickness too?


Nessa said...

I see the snotty man, too. Hope you feel better.

cce said...

I don't see the man with the booger but I do see Wee Willie Winkie in his night cap. Hope you're feeling a lot better soon!

Poetikat said...

That's so neat. I do see the half-sheep/half-man and the guy with the sunglasses. Reminds me of a mural I had on my bedroom wall at home - it was a fall scene of golden-leaved trees. In the corner, I could make out a man's face with a mustache. He was wearing a shirt and tie. I always fancied he was the photographer. Really neat post.
Hope you're feeling better soon. I have similar fans who sneak into the warm spots in the bed, making it all the cozier and comforting.

Kathy said...

I see both of what you see! You know, I have a shower curtain where I can see a face, but my husband can't and thinks I'm a little screwy.

It seems no matter what you look at, we always search for a face. Hmmm, interesting.