Wednesday, May 21

The More Things Change

Packing. Packing. Sorting.
I'm waiting on the Salvation Army now to come fetch up odd bits of furniture and memorabilia. We have a truckload.

I had thought we could start the big road trip across country in the wee hours, but Miss Jessica's car is in for repair and won't be ready until after lunch tomorrow. So plans are pushed back. I have always heard "If you want to make God laugh--tell him you have plans."

As JB tells me all to often: It is what it is. One must remain flexible. I am trying. And I had woke up this morning so excited about returning home--with my oldest daughter.

Instead I have been reacquainted with coin laundry. But I phoned my women's cult and they are meeting tonight. So maybe things will work out so that I can go, have dinner and visit--and get a second wind before the big road trip.


slouching mom said...

it doesn't matter, really, when you go as long as you're both rested on the drive.


jenontheedge said...

Drive safely!

Christine said...

it is what it is.

my sister always says this to me ...