Saturday, May 17

There's Strength in Numbers

The last-minute plane trip entailed changing planes three times! Lack of sleep and worry over the unknown had me a bit edgy and tight connections just exaggerated my emotions.

But I'm here. We left the hospital yesterday about noon.

I never thought I would reach the point in my life where I would have so few opportunities to interact face to face with my girls. We've been very good about keeping in touch via phone and email, but there's so many things than can only be assumed using either of those methods.

I am one of those people who operates best when I can look into the eyes of the one I'm speaking to--the eyes are indeed the windows of the soul.

I've received--and given--many long overdue and much needed hugs in the past 36 hours.
Even though miles separate families, the love and moral support is always there.

We'll be sorting and packing for the next few days. Then we're off on the road trip across the country that will bring us all back home.


slouching mom said...

thinking about you ALL.

be well.


KathyR said...

And now packing on top of everything else? You are a goddess.

jenontheedge said...

It sounds like things are improving. I hope the packing and road trip are easy and safe.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

A few days to pack? Golly, this is spring. All you need is some T-shirts and thongs.

TEOM said...

Oh Mizmell. I'm sure those hugs felt soooo good. xo

Anne said...

Hope all is working out. I have always appreciated the love and devotion of my family. I try to reciprocate when i can.