Saturday, May 31

Everything Old Is New Again

During our final days of packing before the big move, I suggested to my daughters that we make a trip to the local zoo.

When they were little girls, I took them frequently.

Back in those days, a day at the zoo cured everything, and had the ability to make nap time appear a welcome opportunity rather than a chore.

I even have pictures of Miss Jessica pushing her baby sister in a rented zoo stroller...

But this time, even Jessica's best friend's son was too big for a stroller.

And the lone man that was brave enough to accompany all us girls
was my youngest daughter's fiance'.


Gwen said...

Ooh, zoos! I've been to ours, with my daughters, 400 million times, just like you did when yours were young. I look forward to a time when we will all want to go as adults.

Anne said...

I used to go to the zoo in every city we visited. About three years ago my son asked if we could stop doing that (wahhh!). Neat.