Saturday, May 3

Nasty Little Brain Invaders

The last exam was taken yesterday. I went prepared, but still felt the anxiousness that accompanies any test of memory or mind function. I've come to realize it has more to do with my emotions rather than knowledge of any given subject.

I have to ward off thoughts of defeat. I take deep breaths and shake off self-limiting ideas so the words I'm reading make sense. Last semester, I even went so far as to request an instructor double space his tests in an effort to keep the questions from running together.

Today my Jeni is taking regional exam boards. I feel anxiousness for her--1400 miles away.

I hope she has the ability to focus entirely on the present moment. I want her brain to be so full of what is right in front of her that there is no space for the what happens next.

Its the outcome of what's before us that generally creates the anxiety anyway.

6 comments: said...

I find it so hard to stay focused on the question and hand and jumping on to the next one and next one. I'm working to 'reel in the brain' and finish one thing at a time.

Good luck to both Jeni and yourself on your respective exams. :)

LisaBinDaCity said...

You are one of the good folks, MizMel! Best to you and Jeni.

cce said...

Here's hoping that you both aced the exams!

Christine said...

i'm totally late to the game (again).

I'm so sorry to hear about jake. that just breaks my heart.

and i am so glad exams are done for you now. i am anxious to hear how jeni did--i bet she did wonderfully.

Anne said...

Great song. I'll be 50 this summer. I'm totally re-thinking my life.

millie garfield said...

Beautiful song, and it's one where I really heard the words. Lovely!