Saturday, November 15

Just When You've Given Up Hope

I went to a chiropractor yesterday and it changed my life.

No kidding. I had no idea I could feel like this. I left euphoric. I giggled as I drove home. I was downright giddy.

I've been plagued by the usual shoulder, neck and wrist pain that accompanies many years in front of a keyboard. I've even been subjected to two surgeries as a result. I have gel ice packs in the freezer and Aleeve in the medicine cabinet. I can predict the weather with my left shoulder and neck.

But all that changed yesterday... I have range of motion that I haven't had in 15 years!
And it didn't involve shots or chemicals--now how cool is that?

I'm definitely hooked and believe a visit to the chiropractor is something everyone should experience.

And guess who suggested I should go for a visit? Why-- that would be the 24-year-old city girl daughter. She's full of surprises.


KathyR said...

Damn kids think they're so smart.


(un)relaxeddad said...

Fabulous! Maybe I should try one...

cce said...

I've heard this can be a very good thing...also acupuncture (which I've never been brave enough to try). So glad you've found relief without surgery or serious meds!

Linda and her Twaddle said...

I go to an Oesteopath who cracks my neck and does all those adjustments. Heavenly. I always feel so relaxed later on.

Gwen said...

Glad to hear you found something that worked.