Friday, November 28

The Morning After

The day after--when all those delectable Thanksgiving dishes get lost in a sea of Tupperware and tin foil.

What is really in the refrigerator?

Be brave and let us all see what the morning after looks like at your house.

I'm proud.
Hell--I'm downright tickled--that I got everything to fit!

The unidentifiable good stuff is safe in vintage Tupperware and Reynolds Wrap.

I think I'll go have some lunch...


peaceableimperatrix said...

Sometimes I think the packing of the fridge after Thanksgiving is a bigger creative job than the cooking of it! I admit one of the things I miss about being vegetarian are the leftover turkey sandwiches the following day.

Enjoy your leftovers!

jenontheedge said...

Yum. I love holiday leftovers.

Poetikat said...

Haven't got anything good in my fridge right now and I'm not inclined to cook, of late, so I'd kill for a big turkey sandwich complete with stuffing and cranberry sauce. Your fridge is looking very good to me at the moment!


(un)relaxeddad said...

I'm so not brave enough for that! But it certainly looks like you had a god one...I can't imagine having to do Thanksgiving and then burn straight on into Xmas - seems cruel and unusual punishment!

the end of motherhood said...

You're a brave one, yes you are.

cce said...

One bad thing about being someone elses guest for leftovers. Enjoy all that yummy refrigerator spelunking.

I've had one fried turkey in my life, when spending the holiday in Vidalia, Georgia some years ago. It was divine. I dream of it often.