Tuesday, November 11

Learning To Ride The Waves

Day--what is it?-- on NaBloPo Mo? I don't even know and what does it matter really?

I have slacked off posting because I run out of time--every single day! But I will share with my followers, that life is working right now. So I am reveling in that fact alone. Nothing else matters, now does it?

I m finishing school in just four short weeks ( I have 7 hours to go before graduation)--but the absolute best part is that the city-girl daughter is finishing her first semester and she has already registered for the spring semester.

I am so happy and so very, very proud of what she has accomplished.

Life is, indeed, grand.

More later.


cce said...

If I could inhabit your space for a day, an hour...that hopefulness, that view. I could really use a dose of both right now. Kudos to you and your daughter. School is hard, school taxes our commitments and challenges us to think futuristic-ally which can be a real boon or a real struggle, depending.

slouching mom said...

i am so glad. SO GLAD.

jenontheedge said...

I'm proud of YOU for what you have accomplished!