Saturday, December 6

A Bird's Brain

We went down to visit last evening and check on Austin Nichols. Reluctant to share tales of his great adventure, he chose instead to peer out the back door silently.

These bottle caps were placed in the doorway to prevent Austin from leaving the room. Evidently, he won't cross a line of bottle caps. I have no idea what that's all about. What I do know is that you do what works.

When I snapped the picture above, the flash startled him and he flew 2 rounds around the tiny kitchen, sending dishes flying, upsetting flower pots and leaving a trail of feathers and dust.

He was immediately consoled by my little friend and her husband. It wasn't long before he settled back to the door and his thoughts.

He's quite large, isn't he?
Sorry, no flash. A small kitchen and a flying turkey just don't mix.

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NESSA said...

He looks very happy.