Sunday, December 21

Jettison Attitudes And Habits

My horoscope suggested: jettison attitudes and habits which could encumber you. Sounds like a great plan for today with just 4 days till Christmas. There's still much to do so it's time to prioritize.

The city-girl daughter has suggested a twist on the old style wrapping paper. She's wrapping gifts with articles of interest from Cosmopolitan magazine. Unwrapping gifts may take a bit longer this year...

The girl who professes she does not know her way around the kitchen--and doesn't want to--does pretty well with few instructions. I think she's enjoying herself as she dips the peanut butter balls.

I tried a new Oatmeal Raisin cookie recipe.
My daughter pointed out how the dough looked more like fake vomit.

Once cooked though, the vomit was transformed into chewy oatmeal cookies.

More Christmas miracles later!


Jen on the Edge said...

I think it's healthy to jettison that which does not work for you. I've been working on that one myself.

Nessa said...

Lots of yumminess at your house.

Linda and her Twaddle said...

Hmmm, vomit cookies. They do look good enough to eat.

Jettison - no, have given up on that. I am too attached to everything. Well, wait until next week though when I am trying to shove my son's extra toys into a cupboard.

cce said...

I love the Cosmo wrapping idea...I'm using that next year. And, BTW, the word Asshold in your Scrabble game will now be a staple with me. Well done.