Tuesday, December 23

Only A Fool Will Turn Down Help

With the wind blowing 25 mph and the temps in the teens, decorating took a bit more this year. I was grateful when the city-girl asked if she could assist! So the entryway is decorated and everything is tied down to prevent it from ending up on the neighbor's property.

We did have one casualty: a half-moon Santa windsock. It's still MIA. I'm just thankful I don't see it hanging high atop a tree.

My first year back in Virginia I lost an Easter windsock the same way. But what I remember was how we had to watch it dangle months from the side of the house, with no way to retrieve it. We were left waiting for Mother Nature's intervention. It took her about three months, as I recall.

More cooking today and a turkey to thaw.
But I will rely on my faithful fan base to offer the encouragement needed to see me through the final preparations for this holiday season.

Isn't it great to be so loved?


Jen on the Edge said...

Your Christmas decorations are just lovely.

My family is already circling around the chicken that's hanging out in the fridge, waiting to be roasted for tomorrow night.

LisaBinDaCity said...

I adore you new header and the decorations rock!

Happy holidays to you and yours, dear.

peaceableimperatrix said...

I see the decorations! Good job, both of you. I like your daughter's wrapping idea -- although the men in the family may not get much out of some of the articles. ;-)

When I cook, Zephyr finagles her way to stand between the counter and my legs, in case I should happen to drop anything as I chop ingredients (prefereably, cheese).

Happy Christmas!

Alison said...

I know how you feel, though we've never totally lost anything from our garden.

Your picture is such a familiar sight in my own home too!

cce said...

A very merry X-mas to you. And with my pets, I always wonder if they're looking at me like that with hunger or with love. In my house, I'm afraid it's mostly the former.