Thursday, December 4

A Hollow Spot

We're down to the leftovers. Highly seasoned turkey, meticulously picked from the bone and thrown into a food processor along with a generous portion of onions and celery.
It'll fill a hollow spot.

That's what my friend Pattie used to say. No matter what she cooked or what your reaction to it, she'd always say, "It'll fill a hollow spot."

I remember how we used to meet at the privacy fence and exchange samples of whatever we were barbecuing that evening. Being just slightly 5', Pattie stood on a whatever she could to make herself tall enough to see over the fence.

She carried a switchblade in her pocket. And I have no doubt whatsoever that she knew what it was all about. During our friendship, I learned of how her life had afforded her opportunities to fine tune the art of self defense.

She was my neighbor for not quite a year. She moved on to Dallas with her family just a few months before I relocated to Virginia. We've lost touch.

I thought of her this morning and her hollow spot as I read the blog Writing to Survive.

And I'll snag a quote I found there as well:
"It will only offend readers to whom life itself is offensive."


cce said...

There's something beautiful about remembering an old friend even if it's tinged with sadness at having lost touch. I'm sure she'd be touched to know you think of her when preparing turkey salad or standing at your fence. It's all anyone of us can ask for in be remembered.

cce said...

Thanks for the doggie website links. I've administered the white rice and am hoping for results.

NESSA said...

Your turkey salad looks more than filling.

It is always interesting what reminds us of others.

Regina Bertrand said...

I truly believe that you were meant to meet that one special person werever you go. It looks like you met that one.

jodapoet said...

Those are the best memories to have.

Jennifer said...

Mizmell - Thank you for the shout out!

Filling a hollow spot. Hopefully ...