Sunday, December 28

A Christmas Miracle

The plane was to arrive at 5:oo pm, but it didn't. It didn't, because the one in Texas that was supposed to leave at noon, didn't leave until 4:00 pm--which meant the one in Charlotte was missed altogether. Christmas Eve was a day filled with phone calls to airports, airlines and the youngest daughter.

The city-girl daughter and I waited at the airport for the last flight to arrive. The guard said he pulled the big wire door down between flights as a security measure.

There were others that were waiting for family to arrive for the holidays, too.
Tiff made it in just fine.

I was just hoping for some peace--finally--after all the nervousness associated with delays and the waiting.

And finally--after many hours--my little girl arrived.
Of course, her luggage chose to arrive Christmas Day!


Hope said...

i saw Christmas miracle and figured it was either traveling related or that you had happened on a mother of all sales at Macy's AND had your 40% coupon on you at the same time.

slouching mom said...

I love this documentary!

Glad she made it safely.