Saturday, December 15

Happy, Happy. Merry, Merry.

Finally -- through with school until January 7th. A much needed break, for sure.

So now, it's all about Christmas.

This green ceramic tree is what we have done for the past two or three years. JB hates it, but we have no room. When we finish the house, we can have a great big tree--like maybe the nine foot one I had in Texas--but until that time, we have a tree. That is all that matters, really--that we have a symbol of the season. This particular tree, belonged to his JB's father--so that makes it neat, in itself.

This old snowman is an Avon product, I believe. But every year, he was a given. We'd take him out of the box and pull his broom forward to cut him on. Then, the lights inside would blink red, then green, then blue. He was always sort of like a holiday nightlight in the living room. He still is. Everytime I see him blink, I think back about 100 years.

I went down the road to my little friend's house and photographed her decorations. Her house is like an old world Christmas card.

She and JB's right hand man have the nicest, most comfortable home.

And speaking of comfort--I want to applaud slouching Mom for mentioning the fact that she and slouching Dad have the occasional argument. Damn, for a while there, I was beginning to think something was wrong with JB and I because we don't always see things eye to eye. How nice that we all don't live in a perfect world.

Momo is always quick to point out that its good to want for something.


cce said...

Your X-mas tree reminds me of my best friend in grade school. They had that same ceramic light-up tree in their family room each year and I was sooo envious. It was the symbol of their family's percieved superiority. They had an Atari, they drank Coca Cola and ate Toaster Strudels. I wanted to live there so badly.

slouching mom said...

congratulations on being done! what a huge relief that must be.

and, lol, glad to have made you feel better!

Rhea said...

Nice to have nothing but holidays to deal with, huh?

Anne said...

If you came over to my house you might witness a scene from "Whose afraid of Virginia Wolf?". Someone suggested we call it hallway sex. (You ever traded swear words with your husband? Sometimes John and I have those kind of exchanges).

Imperatrix said...

Yay! for being done with classes!

Yay! for Christmas frivolity!

And solidarity! for arguing with spouses. We all do it. the Consort and I had a doozy of one on Sunday morning, as a matter of fact.

LisaBinDaCity said...

I'm so coming to your house for the holidays!

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

I'm so glad you get a break now!

I waved to you as I drove up 460 on Saturday...

My husband and I don't argue, but sometimes I wonder what an outsider would think about some of our conversations.