Monday, December 3

Just How Crazy Are You?

You see what happens when the kids leave home? The pets suffer the after-effects of empty nest syndrome.

And speaking of suffering...
Elijah Blue bumped his "good eye" a day or two after Thanksgiving. I took him to the vet, and now twice daily, I administer eye ointment to the injured good eye, drops in his bad eye and an oral antibiotic disguised as a piece of Velveeta.

I've been working on my disguise as a sane person, but I think I'm slipping... I think Momo may be on to me.

I spent the better part of Sunday studying biology. When she and Pop arrived for their Sunday visit, I was wall-eyed and pretty much incoherent from reading about the digestive tracts of all phyla on planet earth. I'm not sure where this information will come in handy later in life, but who am I to even suggest I have this kind of foresight?

I was so totally wrong about all my deer that hang out in the woods behind the barn. I've been fretting every time I hear gunfire because I thought those beautiful creatures that mow my flowers down like billy goats weren't intelligent enough to hide from hunters.

Over the weekend, I counted as many as 18 in the backyard off and on.

I'm taking this as a sign.

A sign that all the worrying I do about my daughters is not justified
because they are a lot more savvy than I am willing to realize.


Anne said...

I don't think I will ever stop worrying about my son and step kids. My son is going away to school next year and I am not sure what that will do to my state of mind. I am worried about that too!

slouching mom said...

So wise there at the end, MizMell.

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Worry less.

The blog header is just lovely.

Linda and her Surroundings said...

I think it is a good sign. Kids kind of band together, muddle around a bit and make it out there in the big world.

Your backyard is divine.