Tuesday, December 11

Studies in Human Behavior

I had a truly marvelous day yesterday.

I attended my last math class for the semester (final is tomorrow at 8 am) and then zipped over to Dr. Biology's office to see how I made out on the last test.

He told me I had made the highest score in the class. After a scolding from me for his insensitive teasing, he allowed me to view his online gradebook. (98.44 baby!)

Since I was feeling so large, I went on to test out of Algebra II. Thirty minutes later, I realized I wasn't that large. I lacked 13 points of reaching my desired goal. But... I can try again later.

When I arrived home, I found that we were DSL ready. I really wish this had been available all semester when I was suffering through intermittent satellite service! But, at least we have it NOW.

While I installed DSL, JB tinkered with his latest project...
Any project JB is working on ends up right in the middle of the living room
and this piece is no exception.

The weather was spring-like
and Haji kept waiting for me to come outside to play.

Instead, I worked on last-minute Christmas cards for JB's clients...

And visited on the phone with my little friend down the road
about our Friday Night Get Togethers.
She's taken on a Friday evening job, so we need to adjust our schedules.
She suggested Thursday, but then we settled on Sunday afternoons instead!

The topic then changed to thoughts of Christmas.
She mentioned a wreath she made of wasps' nests and okra--
as if this was the most natural thing in the world.

Today, it's studying for finals with a little Christmas preparation thrown in--
and maybe some baking...


Imperatrix said...

Wasps' nests and okra? I like that idea! No overly-sweet Christmas for that lady!

I *think* I can visualize it, but maybe you should take a picture for us?

KathyR said...

Any day that includes "last math class" sounds like a good day to me.

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Congrats on the excellent grade!

Linda and her Surroundings said...

You have impressed me with your grades!!! Maths was never my forte - funny how I became a bookkeeper. Anything beyond business maths was, well, beyond me.

Christine said...

congrats on the test! way to go, you.

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