Wednesday, December 5

Things Could Be Worse

Christmas is much different when there's no Santa Claus.

He's the jolly fellow who evokes extreme emotion
--whether it be sheer delight or fear--in young and old.

He's the "Ho Ho Ho" man.
And he's responsible for the anticipation of Christmas surprises, he's the reason for the jingling bells-- and he's everywhere. If you don't see him, you feel his lingering effects.

Momo has 85 million Santa Clauses. She says Santa Claus is "her man." She's even mentioned, if she had her way, she'd keep her sun-room filed year-round with his images.

Of course, I always tell her "Do it then." I think when you get to be 70 years old, you should do what you want. Obviously, Pop doesn't agree with me, or she'd have that Santa room.

My Santas are packed away in Rubbermaid in the basement.

Even though I will be having a Christmas sans daughters this year, I plan on pulling them out.
I am decorating for JB and I.

I'm not sure if decorating really matters to JB-- as he has spent more time as a bachelor, than as a family man. But sometimes, I think this is the very reason I should decorate--to give him more face time with Santa. The two of them need to get to know one another better... rekindle that relationship they had years ago.

Note: My title is actually an alternative viewpoint suggested in this month's AARP magazine .


Anne said...

Those are great pictures. I didn't decorate this year (except i turned on the lights outside). I'll probably regret it. I am still waiting for someone to notice there is no christmas tree.

slouching mom said...

Aww... Look at the smile on your little one!

cce said...

I've given in to it now that it's December and we've got our very own Santa collection going in the foyer, right on top of the piano. Don't think there's enough to merit a room yet but we're getting there!

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

It doesn't matter if you're young or old or somewhere in between. It doesn't matter if you believe or not. All that matters is that you have the joy of the season.

Linda and her Surroundings said...

Bring Santa out, decorate and allow yourself to be a bit melancholy. Post up pictures for those who visit your blog - you will be doing it for others.