Tuesday, December 18

We're Making It With Love

No hallway sex here this season. We're putting our best efforts into healthy stimulating conversation. It's challenging--given the stress involved in completing projects and getting the baking done and the packages mailed.

I've been sewing.

While I sewing, JB is spitting distance away--on the computer-- doing his Christmas shopping.

It's nice to have company to pass the time as I finish with the Christmas gifts. It's a standing joke that I will be sewing on Christmas Eve. I try very hard not to--but inevitably, there is always one more project that I'd like to get done. There's always one more gift that I would like to squeeze in before Christmas.

The best things are handmade.


Hope said...

I absolutely agree! I like that machine!

Christine said...

the hallway sex comment was over my head i guess, but i love the sewing projects.

sorry i've been sort of absent lately--some family stuff has come up.

Running on empty

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

As I will be finishing a quilt tonight, I couldn't agree with you more!