Friday, December 7

Maturity Is Knowing When It's Worth It

Winter Weather Advisory is what I saw when I checked the weather this morning. Today is the last day of lecture in two classes that are 25 miles away.
Right in the middle of checking email, I got a phone call from the out-laws a half of mile up the road. I was told that their driveway was very slick and the walk to get the morning paper was tricky. Also, that the cat didn't even want to go out, because the deck was so slick.
I reverted to my childhood habit of checking the news for school closings. Within the hour, there was a two hour delay, then a cancellation of day classes.
Then Pop called, frantic. JB was on the phone with business contacts so Pop had to call my cell. Since he couldn't reach me on the house phone, he was convinced that I must be on the road somewhere. He was adamant about me not going anywhere, relaying information about the number of accidents. I could hear his police scanner blaring in the background. I assured him, I was staying put as classes had been canceled.
Momo didn't hear what I was saying. I could hear her in the background, still pleading the case of no travel. When it was her turn to speak to me, she spoke breathlessly with all the reasons why I shouldn't travel in bad weather. Her final breath was "If Pop doesn't think you should travel, you shouldn't travel... because HE knows about this stuff."
I know about this stuff, too. But I can't help but smile--and it warms my heart--to know that I have so many that care about me.


cce said...

Oh man, I hope that winter weather stays away from the Northeast. I can't take another snow day so close on the heels of the last one!

Imperatrix said...

Aaaaah, snow days. (But you knew I felt that way already!)

It is sweet that so many people care about you (even if you can take care of yourself).

Don't forget to have a cup of cocoa!

LisaBinDaCity said...

Having people care is a wonderful feeling!

Snowing here tonight as well. I'm already watching it out the window. So pretty :-)

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

I love snow days!

It's cold up here, but most of our snow has melted already. You must have gotten more than we did.

(un)relaxeddad said...

Sounds a lot colder wher you are! Even so, we took dudelette out for her first walk (well, carry) earlier today and had to pile on so many layers that she was practically spherical.