Saturday, January 26


I was on the phone with my (newly-engaged) Jenifer on Thursday when she said "cakes" to her significant other. It's the petname they have for each other. Babycakes or cakes. They call each other babycakes.

It brought back memories of when JB and I were almost and newly married. He had to be touching me all the time. He'd hold my hand while driving and periodically plant a kiss on my fingers.

Nowadays, it's rare that we are in the same vehicle at the same time. Needless to say, there is no hand kissing going on.

It used to be that every day when he came home from work, he'd greet me with a hug like he hadn't seen me in years.

Nowadays, he comes in and pats the dog on the head, then gets a beer and goes ebaying until dinner.

I envy Jenifer and Daniel and what they have going on right now--mainly, because I remember what it was like.

I don't know where it went. I can't even tell you when it left.

All I know is how wonderful it made me feel.


cce said...

Wasn't it divine, that urge to constantly have hands on one another?
It's slipped away. My Better Half was just asking me last night where that desire for nearness went off to. I muttered something about children and pets and never having a moment to myself. Somehow, as we age together, we begin to need a sort of psychic space. Sighhh.

Nessa said...

Boy, does this sound familiar. All of the hassles and stress of everyday life seem to push us away from those we need most. QV and I are at that place. We are at the point where we are making conscious efforts to bring that back, like hugging each other before we kiss the dog; D

It would be fun to talk. We seem to have things in common.

Imperatrix said...

I hear you. Just recently, I came across this picture (, and showed it to the Consort. I told him, "This is how I'd like us to be sometimes."

I used to think that telling someone what you wanted wasn't as "real" as if they came up with it on their own. But that just assumes that he can read my mind. Which I accept he can't.

He's listening...

(un)relaxeddad said...

With you on that one. It's kind of worrying that this time around we haven't really noticed that have a kind of two yard exclusion zone around each other.

Anne said...

So you need to make an effort to start it up again ..or at least parts of it. Because my husband is blind and needs a lot of help it has forced us to do things together, and as a result there is a closeness that most couples lose. So really you have to think about it and see if you can get it back (thats if you really want to).

Linda and her Surroundings said...

Hmmmmm, men forget at times what women are all about.

Kathleen Mortensen said...

Mine gets his laptop fired up and plans his Fantasy English Football team.
(He does still kiss my hand occasionally when we're driving.)
Speaking of hand-holding, do you ever experience this: you're holding hands, nice a comfy and he starts to wriggle out of it? Mine gets squirmy almost as soon as you grab his hand - like a little boy who's just seen a bit insect on the sidewalk or something. Anyone else?