Sunday, January 20

The Cat's Meow

I think he's alright now.

We've officially become a networked family. We're like all those geeks I use to giggle about during my networking classes. Why on earth, I thought, would you need a network in your own home?

Well, I guess you'd need a network if there are two users and one of them has distance learning classes and is doing a bit of XHTML. So there you have it.

But would you believe, the biggest obstacle to overcome was the cat's involvement in all of this?

Thomas has always slept comfortably in the chair in front of my sewing table as we banged away on the keyboard. When I push the sewing machine and serger back to do required reading, he goes and naps in the big over-sized desk chair.

But when we set JB up in the front room, the big over-sized desk chair went with him to his workstation.

This means the chair at the sewing table now does double duty at the computer. That means there is no extra chair. Fine for me--but what about Thomas?

He has spent most of today glaring at me for taking his chair. Every time I sat in front of the keyboard, there he was at my feet, waiting for me to leave. But I 'm too smart for that waiting game. I know: You move your feet, you lose your seat.

I think we have finally reached a compromise. I put his blanket on the sewing table in front of the window. He'll have the benefit of the morning sun... with a view.

I'll just have to be extra neat so he has a clear path to the window.


slouching mom said...

Heh. He's the very definition of a creature of habit!

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Well, thank goodness the kitty is happy!

Nessa said...

Perfect solution. Must keep the kitty cats happy.

LisaBinDaCity said...

Awww, poor Thomas! Having to move and all that ;-)

the end of motherhood said...

Thomas really knows how to get his needs met...lucky thing.

Anne said...

They have a right to their comforts just like anybody else! Its their house too! Glad your keeping him happy.