Tuesday, January 8

Phase II

In motherhood, things can get complicated when you don't know what's around the next curve.

Fear and apprehension sets in.
The mind goes into alert mode, creating all sorts of possible scenarios.

But still we know nothing. We're just assuming. We're guessing.

Then reality throws a hard punch in the stomach.

The children are not children. They're young adults.

You can't rush in and fix things with a hug and a cookie.
They must coordinate their own rescue efforts... and I'm still learning that I can't rush things, but rather, must wait to hear their plans.

Blue has my mood down pat.


slouching mom said...

yes. i see this in the not-so-distant future. it will be hard for me, too.

KathyR said...

Yeah. I just don't understand why my kid doesn't seek and scrupulously follow my advice in everything and just generally do things my way. Honestly. Our lives would be so much simpler.

Hang in there!

Imperatrix said...

Mmm hmmm. We're just entering the teenage phase of this, and it is just so damn *hard* to not be in charge. I'm with KathyR -- if only they'd do what we told them to, things would be peachy!

anna said...

I know JUST how you feel...

Nessa said...

I keep telling everyone life would be better if the just did what I tell them. No one listens.

Your puppy is cute.

Linda and her Surroundings said...

Always sweet babies in the eyes of a mother. Letting go when they want to let loose is quite hard.

cce said...

Bravo to you for realizing they need you but need you to be distantly available. My mother has never quite been able to see me as anything other than an eight year old. I know it's love she offers but it often feels like judgment. Stay strong, stay available, let them grow.

Anne said...

My son just turned 18 so I have been telling him i'm retired...but I still help him if he asks and sometimes offer my opinion when he doesn't. I do the same for my step kids. I feel it is my right. But i try not to interfere and I never dis their significant other.