Tuesday, January 29

Not Part Of The Plan

I spent the weekend studying. Thank goodness Thomas is my study partner and lets me know--in subtle ways-- when I need a break.

Environmental Science will fulfill my degree requirements and as luck would have it, Dr. Biology is once again my instructor. I know what you're thinking, and I originally thought the very same thing. But I figure I am already aware of his teaching style--plus, there's no textbook required. That's a massive savings!

But I checked the school catalog anyway for the last day to drop with a full refund. I have a technology class with a lab the same day as my Enviro Lab, so they're back to back. All my other classes are technology oriented, so the Enviro class really requires me to change gears. This semester would be so much easier without the environmental science class.

I was prepared to drop and went to class Friday with the satisfaction knowing it would be my last. Then I listened as Dr. Biology spoke about the rain forests and the euphotic zones in water.

He finished up his lecture with an explanation of the pH, complete with an in-depth formula.

One chickie (with hot pink streaks in her hair) asked if we would have to know that particular formula. He stopped, looked back at her, stuttered as if trying to find the proper words, adjusted his glasses and then blurted, "Stop your whining!"

Needless to say, I didn't drop.


slouching mom said...

He's Mr. (Dr.) Tell-it-like-it-is, isn't he!


anna said...

I would have stayed too! I always tell my kids it doesn't matter what the subject matter is, it is ALL about the teacher. And the study partner!

Elise said...

I agree. A good teacher can teach you anything and make you like it. I had a really sexy lecturer whan I was at university. He was good looking in an intelligent way, sexy glasses etc.

I loved how passionate he got when he spoke about current affairs. I never missed a lecture xx

Nessa said...

I would like him.

Imperatrix said...

Ok, so maybe Dr. Biology is redeemable.

BTW, Environmental Science is the Consort's field, so if you ever have and questions that Dr. B isn't answering to your satisfaction, just email me.

Kathleen Mortensen said...

I've seen your name at Linda's blog and have been meaning to drop in.
I can see that we have at least one thing in common. I am owned by 4 perpetually hungry cats.

This post recalled a recurring dream that I still have, despite the fact that I graduated from university in 1985! I have this nightmare where I suddenly realize I haven't done any of the work in my course - which is probably maths (I'm an English major) and I can't get to the Registrar's office in time to cancel. Thank God, I wake to find it's all just a bad dream.

Please stop by my blog, Poetikat's and check me out. I'm linking to you -- feel free to do the same.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

He may have other blogworthy items, who knows? Nice decision.

Christine said...

i like that guy!

(un)relaxeddad said...

"Stop your whining!" What a hero!

Anne said...

Sweet. Cats are good company (i think!).