Friday, January 4

Hip? Or Hip Replacement?

The world is a wonderful place today.

We just had our first Friday Night Get-Together of the season--discussed vastly different political viewpoints, mopped up a broken wine glass, spilled wine and emotions--and we're done before 9 pm. Are we just getting older or wiser?

I hope I'm getting wiser.

I received an email from a recent job application today, that informed me "Following a competitive review of your background and qualifications, regrettably we are unable to offer you further consideration at this time."

So I'm trying to make myself legitimate with a few certifications. I'm thinking I must need proof of my qualifications. (and maybe a penis? I have access to one, but don't actually have one.)

Don't you just love this? This was a Christmas gift from the outlaws....


anna said...

It's their loss, Mizmell but even so, rejection stinks.

cce said...

I'm wondering about their phrasing - "a competitive review". What the hell is a competitive review. A thorough review, a protracted review, a thoughtful review, but a competitive review? Who needs 'em? They can't even fashion a grammatically correct rejection letter.
Love the nymph/Gollum/table sprite from the out-laws. That'll wake you up in the morning.

Rhea said...

Ha! Having a penis helps in almost any life pursuit.

Nessa said...

I love that statue.

Perhaps when sending out correspondence such as resumes and cover letters you should adopt initials as a first name. And I agree with CCE. You don't want to work for a place that can't communicate properly.

Anne said...

Yes. The statue is really cool. I found a low voice (with the penis theory) and a truck load of confidence also helps. Don't give up ... winners are the ones with the most persistence (Abraham Lincoln lost the race for the senate like 4 or 5 times but won the presidency.)