Tuesday, July 29

Everything But The Kitchen Sink

I love my kitchen. We redid it 4 or 5 years ago and I have plenty of room to do all kinds of cooking. I just don't have much time these days.

The 40 minute commute is governing my life.

Its a race with living. So, do we work to live or live to work? It's much akin to the chicken and egg--the more you think about it, the more frustrating it becomes--there is no real answer.


Caroline said...

Because I always had an hour plus commute, 40 minutes sounds good to me :D And while we're suppose to work to live, it quickly feels like living to work. Nice photo!

(un)relaxeddad said...

I do an hour each way, I guess. It's actually starting to get a complete drag - underground, never any seats, over-crowded, no air-conditioning, noisy, diseased...Bah!

But in answer to your question, I personally work because its something I do, I suppose. I have to earn a living as well but that's part of living, really. I get a different kind of satisfaction to other activities. But yes, I'd rather spend more time at home. Especially with dudelette there.

KathyR said...

Either way you look at it, the answer still is "you gotta eat."

slouching mom said...

lovely photo.

you're right -- there is no answer.

Poetikat said...

At least when you do get home, you have a real haven to retreat to. It's gorgeous and full of reminders of the wonders of nature. I'm sure 40 minutes seems an eternity, but it must be a real rush to finally pull into the driveway. Right!