Tuesday, July 8

Sometimes It's More About The Small Sparklers

Don't give up on me. I'm just tired. I'm still getting acclimated to a 40 minute commute and an office building the size of a small city.

But I'm not complaining--I'm thankful.

I rise at 5 am to have coffee and breakfast and a shower before I follow some local who's intent on driving 4o mph in a 55 mph speed zone. Then I walk myself to death in this huge ass building with so many people that they have their own cafeteria! But the food is good, actually--and moderately priced as well. I am lucky.

At the end of the day, I drive home while mentally planning dinner. Today we managed to have dinner by 7:30 pm, so I believe I'm getting in the groove of things.

And after dinner tonight, Miss Jeni's purse rang me and I listened to her fiancee' tell their guests all about sonar and algorithms. I'm sure you're familiar with the phone call from someone who never made the call--the one where the phone is so far down in the purse that something hits redial and you hear all kinds of things that were never intended for you to hear.

But all I really heard from this unintended phone call was the sound of life moving on.


jenontheedge said...

Hang in there. Everything will seem normal soon.

peaceableimperatrix said...

Eating at 7:30 just means you are urbane and chic.

Is the 40-hr week thing permanent, or temporary?

LisaBinDaCity said...

I really like the way you think!

Great pic, by the by :-)

KathyR said...

My purse has called my voicemail, giving me a sense of what it is like to hang around me when I'm unaware.

My son's pocket has called me a few times, too, but I wasn't able to pick up much more than a bunch of adolescent boys hooting like baboons.

Good luck at MegaMassiveCorporation. Or whatever.

There is no such thing as normal. But you have a pretty good attitude. You will prevail.