Wednesday, July 30

Send The Waaambulance Away

Thank you, thank you Unrelaxed Dad for being the party pooper at my pity party yesterday. Your comment helped me realize what I should already know--I'm pretty darned lucky.

The commute sucks but it is by way my comfy little Saturn--which gets 34-36 mpg--as opposed to standing room only transportation.

When I arrive, there are no time clocks or micro managers. I am left to do what needs to be done. There's also one of those fancy, schmancy single cup coffee contraptions complete with an assortment of coffee and tea--offered AT NO CHARGE.

And did I mention there's a cafeteria on site, complete with short order grill and salad bar?

Dress is business casual.

Having said all that, I feel a bit like a spoiled brat for whining about the commute. After all, I am 50 this year and we all know it's much harder to find a job when you're over 40.

I am now happily living, working and eating.

The eating thing is going through a major over haul as I am trying to improve the body image before birthday number 50 rolls around...


slouching mom said...

would that it might be that easy to send everyone's waaambulance away! heh.

(un)relaxeddad said...

And don't forget that all suffering is relative! I've had decades to get hardened to this weird business we call work. And When I do get there, I may have occasional trouble and strife but 1) seldom from my supportive colleagues 2) I have my own office (with a stereo) 3) and sound-proofing(!!!) 4) my boss is fabulous and 5) I'm getting 0.5 of a PA later this month. 90% of the time, the commute is the worst part of my day and most days I'm home in time to read stories and give someone bath. Working in education, of course, one constantly feels like Horatio on the bridge but being male I kind of like that.

Poetikat said...

I was a bit worried that someone was hurt, when I saw the title in my blog roll. I'm glad everyone's okay.

That is funny though-waaambulance.


Now I've read the "kitchen sink" post, I understand (and did comment there).