Saturday, July 19

Turkey Trot

Friday finally arrived! The end to the work week, and the beginning of some wondrous social interaction.

It began with the Turkey trot. JB and I went down to visit Austin Nichols. He flies now. He eats his weight in candle flies as well.

My little friend was busy fetching them from the back porch and hand-feeding them to him most of the evening.

And later that evening, my best friend in the whole world--that I've known since I was 16--stopped by for a visit. What a treat for my oldest daughter to meet her. More on that later, I promise.

Here's those crepe myrtles that block the setting sun each evening. There are massive and remind me that I need to prepare for the onset of Japanese beetles. The honeybees are having a field day right now.

Thomas is still pissed over Lina-- but he's getting better with it, I think.

And my Amaryllis is in full bloom! This was a gift from a neighbor more than 2 years ago, one Christmas. I love that it reacts so well with its surroundings and surprises with me with blooms twice a year now.

And tomorrow is Jessica's 24th birthday. I have a huge Tex-Mex meal planned.

I've asked Momo and Pop to relay stories of when they were 24. What were you doing when you were 24??? And what wisdom do you have to bestow??


jenontheedge said...

When I was 24, I had been married for nearly two years and was very happy. I started a job I'd have for five years until I had my first child. I was pretty sure my life was perfect.

I was also still pretty immature and far too judgmental, which still bothers me to this day. So I guess my advice would be to keep an open mind and really try to think about things from the other person's point of view.

Anne said...

Wow, its summer.

Poetikat said...

Mizmell - what a sagacious looking beast your Thomas is.
Please post your "Tex-Mex" meal recipes.
At 24, I had just finished university, was working as a teaching assistant in a summer-school program, dancing my face off in clubs on the weekends and meeting all the wrong guys.
My advice? As Polonius said to Ophelia, "To thine own self be true". In doing so, you find who you really are and don't let others (men especially) walk all over you.
Ah, hindsight is so useless, isn't it?


KathyR said...

When I was 24, I was in my 2nd year of law school. Which sounds all impressive and stuff, but I did not have my act together in any other way.


My assvice? Aim for balance in all aspects of your life. Have wishes and goals and the discipline to pursue them. Forgive yourself and others. Maintain a sense of humor about yourself as much as possible. Drink copious amounts of wine.

Wait. That last part isn't very responsible...