Friday, July 11

Only The Strong Survive

This is the last one standing of the 13 eggs--and his name is Austin Nichols. My little friend just calls him Austin. A rather dignified name for bird, wouldn't you say? I was confused until I learned than Austin Nichols was the guy who invented Wild Turkey. I have had a taste now and again--its been quite a few years-- but was never aware of that fact!

I guess we do truly learn something new every day--if we're open to the possibilities, that is.

He's loose in the house while folks are at home, and put safely away while they are out. But he's doing well overall, and hanging in there. It's quite an adjustment on everyone.

My little friend runs after him most of the time with a paper towel.

Bless her heart, I couldn't do it. My Jeni had lovebirds that, I swear, that must have gotten into shit-slinging contests--and they were caged! Birds are just not clean animals.

But I admire my friend. She saved Austin's life. And she is doing the best she can to make sure he finds a place in this world.

She is --by all rights--his mother.


The End of Motherhood? said...

With a name like that, he has just got to make it.

Poetikat said...

Wow! Amazing photos. I love the name - and the reference.

Mizmell, I have an award for you at my blog.


Christine said...

i was wondering about those eggs. . .

glad this little guy is thriving!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Austin is doing so well, maybe he needs a shot of Wild Austin.