Saturday, July 26

It's All On A Wheel

What goes around comes around. We reap what we sow. We've all heard it and shit it off for nothing more than an old cliche'.

Not true.

What do you think makes us worry so much about out children? It's what we did and got away with--that's what make us the most concerned.

We know.

It's is indeed all on a wheel. The sad part about is that our parents worried (we never realized that until this very instance) and we are doomed to the same fate. There's not one single thing we can do to change it. It's like Momo always told me--experience is a hard teacher, but it sticks with you.

So, if you want to share my burden--worry about a daughter that is accustomed to flat ground that is suddenly faced with curves in the road, and worry that she may or may not be the best judge of character, and pray that I will be able to have faith enough in her to get a good night's sleep now and again.

Thanks for helping me out. It gets to be a bit too much sometimes...


slouching mom said...

i will most certainly be thinking about the two of you!

(un)relaxeddad said...

Oh boy. Sounds very rough. I've been that child many times over. Guess I'll be that parent too. Best wishes...