Sunday, August 12

I Hope Today Smells Better

This fabulous frock I had put together in June was completed the evening prior to my trip to Texas. Needless to say, it stayed.
JB had helped me pin so the princess seams would be more form-fitting. The dress was photographed before I had completed the handkerchief hemline and flutter-style cap sleeves.

My youngest daughter, Jeni, spotted the dress in my suitcase and thought it quite lovely so, I gave it to her. She's 21 and it looked beautiful on her. I tried to photograph her, but she dodged me. (Miss Jessica compares me to the paparazzi and often warns potential subjects.)

I have sewed for the girls since they were very small.

I made bathing suits and bikinis for them when they were little girls and needed so many.
The backyard in this picture is the same one I visited during my trip. Of course now it belongs to the nurse and the trees are much bigger.

Ready for a new sewing project, I went to a yard sale Friday and scarfed up some marvelous vintage fabric. LOTS of fabric actually... about 5 washing machine loads.

Once I got it home, the old musty smell crept into the farthest corners of my home. I have washed and dried every single piece of fabric and Febreezed the house repeatedly. The last lot of fabric is soaking in a solution of vinegar and baking soda now.

The culprit may very well be this piece of fabric. It's wild isn't it?

I found it in a plastic bag with this pattern, dated 1973. The dress was all cut out so I had to sew it up. It, too, is now soaking in the baking soda and vinegar.


Jennifer said...

I love the leopard print dress!

Do we get to see the new vintage dress after it's done?

slouching mom said...

That plastic bag is a RIOT!

And as for the leopard print dress? You're a talented lady, MizMell.

LisaBinDaCity said...

The dress is beautiful! I'm quite impressed with your talents :-)

Imperatrix said...

Too bad you lost that great dress -- but it's nice to know your daughter still appreciates your taste in clothing, right?

I'd like to see the funky dress, too, when you put it together!

goldennib said...

The dress you made is beautiful.