Wednesday, August 29

You Never Know What You'll Find When You Clean

I didn't realize I hadn't posted yesterday till Momo called this evening and pointed it out.

I was busy most of the day cleaning house so I could do Biology homework. I decided I couldn't concentrate or even begin to study until I had rid the house of the accumulation of dog hair. Blue is a long-haired dog, and according to the amount of dog hair I retrieved from the floor and carpet, should be bald about now.

Anyway--I always move the sofa to get the tumbleweed-like dog hair that tries to hide from the vacuum, and out came this lizard! I ran for the camera and snapped this picture. I then decided I could get a much better look with the zoom lens, and when I left the room, he did as well.

I found him in the kitchen this evening when I was making a Banana Cream Pie (gotta get that potassium any way we can). I hollered for JB and then the lizard ran under the stove!

I saw this as a perfect opportunity to go dump my accumulation of vegetable peelings in the com poster and check on the garden and see how the cantaloupes were doing.

Thomas was perched on the deck railing when I went out. He's is looking a bit sad these days. Could it be because a lack of rain has caused his catnip to almost dry up completely?

The lack of rain has really lessened the blooms on the crepe myrtles as well. The picture below is from '05. Can you tell the difference?

While I was outside exploring, the lizard came out to bask in the sunlight on the kitchen floor and JB scooped him up and set him free outdoors.
I was really glad to hear that. I was beginning to fear I could couldn't go barefoot in my own house anymore because of creepy crawly things that may dart across the floor.


slouching mom said...

you got a great shot of the lizard, though, didn't you!

LisaBinDaCity said...

You got a regular Noah's Ark there!

Too cute!!!

yourdrum said...

Hi, Mizmell, I have a new Dylan post you might be interested in seeing. Your blooming tree is fantastic. There is a wild peacock that shows up on my roof. He's been around the neighborhood for months. He was trying to hang with a wild turkey but the turk was having no part of it. Send me your banana cream pie recipe (a favorite)I'd love to post it.

KathyR said...

Ack! Reptiles!

We are having cricket visitors here. I did not invite them and I do not want them to stay. If I see one more cricket on the kitchen floor, I'm calling the poison sprayers.

goldennib said...

I'm glad you caught the lizard. I was beginning to think you'd have to go to sleep with it lurking somewhere near by.

Jennifer said...

I don't think I've ever seen crepe myrtles as full and lush as yours were in 2005. Gorgeous.

Christine said...

oh how i miss crepe myrtles! there are the best aren't they?